Wonderful Review of the 2020 New Year Conference of RayTalk Communications Ltd.

Jan 29 , 2021

In order to show the rapid development and vigorous development of RayTalk, and to give back to the hard-working partners and increase the cohesion with the factory, the company's 2020 New Year Annual Meeting be held on January 23, 2021.

Looking back on the past 2020, the current epidemic is a difficult challenge for all walks of life. The company is actively facing the difficulties and actively prepares for resumption of work. Under the leadership of the company's leaders,Dares to develop positively, enterprising, and finally handed in a Satisfactory answer! Looking forward to the coming 2021, we are full of confidence and fighting spirit!

On the evening of January 23, 2021, the 2020 New Year Conference with the theme of "Forge ahead, work together to create the future" will be held as scheduled. Several leaders and special guests attended the party, and all the staff gathered together.

Gathered Together

At this annual meeting, there were new years video, leader speech, lottery, games, dinner and other links. At the beginning of the annual meeting, everyone watched the compilation of New Year greeting videos recorded by various departments. The words and sentences in the video were sincere and the atmosphere was warm during the period.

Compilation of New Year Greeting Videos

At the beginning of the banquet, we entered the leader's speech session, and the curtain was kicked off with a speech by CEO Mr. Lei,  by a video speech by Mr. Chen, who was far away in Taiwan, and then Technical Director Mr. Chen and Business Manager Mr. Zhu took the stage to give speeches. The core content of the speeches of several leaders was: reviewing the struggle of the past year, the expansion and relocation of the company's office space, the merger of the company and the factory, the vigorous blueprint for looking forward to the company's future development, and the New Year greetings to all employees. Among them, the relevant plans for the company's follow-up development are particularly emphasized, and we hope all employees will work together to create a brilliant future for the company.

Lucky Draw

Interspersed with the lucky draw in the dinner, the atmosphere was extremely warm. From the fourth prize to the first prize, in addition to the generous prizes prepared by the company, several leaders and special guests took the initiative to add prizes and bonuses. A total of 32 lucky winners came home with great rewards. As for the colleagues who did not win the prize, the company also prepared a new year gift for everyone to ensure that every employee does not leave empty-handed.


A small game was also interspersed --you perform, I guess. There are a total of three teams participating, and each team is a combination of couples, which adds to the fun of the game. The people playing the game on the stage were full of joy, and the people watching the game off the stage laughed.

Unforgettable Night

With the progress of all links, the company & Huizhou factory's 2020 annual meeting ended successfully at 22:00 in the evening in a enthusiasm, warm and joyful atmosphere. Everyone spent an unforgettable night in joy and laughter.

Grow Together

This annual meeting has strengthened the construction of corporate culture, strengthened the cohesion and centripetal force within the company, and also increased the distance between employees and the company. Hard work, struggle, unity and love are our true portrayal. I sincerely wish RayTalk will be more brilliant in the year 2021! Looking forward to the new year, we will make progress, grow together and be brilliant with the company!