RayTalk To Provide Better Products and Service for Our Esteemed Customers

Jul 25 , 2021

RayTalk To Provide Better Products and Service for Our Esteemed Customers

In order to meet customer's requirements better and solve the problems during the two way radio earpieces order process quickly. Our sales department and engineering department will have 2 meetings every month.This month's meeting was held on July 23th. The meeting mainly focused on the progress of the evaluation order, mold order and quality complaint.

Director Chen of the Engineering Department reports and analyzes the situation of the current walkie talkie headset OEM & ODM projects, as well as solution of complaints.

Solution of Complaints

After that, we also had training about our newly launched products Waterproof Big Round Ptt acoustic tube earpieces.

Walkie Talkie Headset

Acoustic Tube Earpieces

During this year, we have developed/optimized and improved several products (include Anr Active noise raduction Aviation headset, waterproof Speaker Mics, Pickup headphones, walkie takie earpieces etc)promoted for its development/improvement purposes, and conducted detailed training on its new functions, so that business colleagues can understand more quickly. The main functions and advantages of the new products are more closely recommended according to customer needs, and more intimate to serve customers. Welcome to know more about our new products!

Pickup Headphones