Bone conduction headset throug Bone conduction technology transmits and receives audio directly from vocal vibrations in the Ear bone/skull. The speakers do not block your ears thereby improving situational awareness. Wear hearing protection at the same time to improve performance in high noise environments.

The bone conduction microphone converts sound waves into a clear transmission and does not interfere with your gas mask, shroud or helmet. The earpiece delivers your radio's speaker output into your ear for clear and private radio reception.

Radio Bone Conduction Headset For Sale

What is Bone Conduction Headset?

A bone conduction headset is a unique type of headset that utilizes bone conduction technology to transmit sound. Unlike traditional headphones that deliver sound through the air and into the ear canal, a bone conduction headset bypasses the eardrums and transmits sound vibrations directly to the inner ear through the bones of the skull.

The headset typically consists of small transducers or vibrations pads that are placed against the cheekbones or temples, near the ears. These transducers convert audio signals into mechanical vibrations that are then transmitted through the bones of the skull. The vibrations stimulate the cochlea, the auditory organ in the inner ear, allowing the wearer to perceive sound.

Key features of bone conduction headsets include:

1. Open-Ear Design: Bone conduction headsets allow the ears to remain open and unobstructed, which provides several advantages. It allows users to maintain awareness of their surroundings and ambient sounds, such as traffic or conversations, while still enjoying audio playback.

2. Hearing Protection: Since bone conduction headsets do not cover or block the ear canals, they can be used in situations where maintaining situational awareness is crucial, such as during outdoor activities or while working in hazardous environments.

3. Comfort and Fit: Bone conduction headsets are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods. They often feature adjustable headbands or secure straps to ensure a proper fit and stability during activities.

4. Versatility: Bone conduction headsets can be used in various applications, including sports, outdoor activities, and professional environments. They are particularly popular among athletes, cyclists, and individuals who require audio feedback while still needing to hear their surroundings.

5. Compatibility: Bone conduction headsets are compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and audio players. They can be connected via Bluetooth or wired connections, depending on the specific model.

6. Accessibility: Bone conduction headsets offer a unique solution for individuals with certain types of hearing loss or conditions that prevent the effective use of traditional headphones or earbuds. By bypassing the eardrums, bone conduction technology can deliver sound directly to the inner ear, allowing people with hearing impairments to experience audio content.

Bone conduction headsets provide an alternative listening experience by transmitting sound through bone vibrations. They offer a balance between audio enjoyment and situational awareness, making them suitable for various activities and individuals with specific needs.