We have supplied product for  government entities, public security, utility companies, rail networks, and also for many other industries including aviation.

About RayTalk

Since 2009, RayTalk has been focused on reliable communications. We have high standards of production and provide professional technical support for all our products. We have supplied Two-way radio communication accessories for  government entities, public security, utility companies, rail networks, and also for many other industries including aviation. Our products are exported to North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, South America, Australia in more than 120 countries serving over 2000 customers. RayTalk has gradually developed into a national high-tech enterprise, integrating R & D and production in wireless radio communication accessories and aviation headsets. 

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Aviation Headset
Aviation Headset
RayTalk aviation headset offers solutions for hearing protection and communications availablity for pilots being in the cockpit of an aircraft where they're surrounded by noise. Our headsets mainly covers three types, passive noise canceling (pnr) headset, active noise canceling (anr) headsets, and bluetooth aviation headsets. Offering comfort, high-performance and reliability, our pilot headsets are designed to make things easier and bring you a comfortable flying experience.
Earpieces for two way radios are suitable professional-grade devices for a wide range of applications that require discrete surveillance and communication. A radio earpiece and mic prevents outsiders fromhearing your incoming and outgoing transmissions. Earpieces are the clear choice for government agencies, law enforcement, and security professionals, but they're also ideal in quiet environments such as museums. See our surveillance kits for similar models specific to this purpose. Two way radio audio earpieces work with various walkie talkies, provide speaker, microphone and PTT functions etc. Usually they include 1-wire earpiece, 2-wire earpiece, 3-wire earpiece. RayTalk also provide LOK series earpieces, listen only earpiece, VOX earpiece, braided fiber cloth earpiece to suit different two way radio brands.
Speaker Mics
Speaker Mics
RayTalk speaker microphones offer a variety of rugged designs built for a vast range of applications from demanding heavy duty use to professional light duty use. RayTalk's suite of speaker microphones include IP rated waterproof and noise suppression options and are available for the majority of new and discontinued portable 2-way radios. A shoulder speaker microphone for two-way radios frees up your hands and facilitates fast, easy communication. It attaches to your lapel or preferred article of clothing, so you can perform necessary business operations throughout the day with your two-way radio securely harnessed or clipped to your belt.
These headsets for two-way radios are commercial-grade devices. They're an ideal solution for many industries, including noisy environments such as race tracks, airports, construction, manufacturing, and industrial worksites. A two-way radio headset with microphone facilitates convenient hands-free communication. You can also keep your communications discreet, ensuring that only those authorized can hear incoming and outgoing transmissions. RayTalk headsets provide high-clarity, hands-free, discreet two-way communication. A variety of solutions are available to meet your needs - ultra-light to heavy-duty Headset, in-the-ear or In-Helmet Microphone Headset, Behind-the-head Headset or Tactical Headphones, BONE CONDUCTION HEADSET, etc.
RayTalk two-way Batteries and two way radio chargers. Make certain that your two-way radio batteries never die when you need them most. Radio batteries include Motorola, Kenwood, Hytera, Sepura etc Brand. Radio Intelligent Rapid 6/12 way charger, interchangeable charge insert available for different radios and batteries.
Parts & Accessories
Parts & Accessories
RayTalk offer heavy duty headest, radio earpieces,acoustic tube earpiece etc two-way radio headest accessories replaceable parts and motorola radio adapters, quick-disconnect cables.
  • Pilot Communications Headset
    Aviation Communication
    In the realm of aviation, clear and concise communication is vital for safe and efficient operations.
  • Public Safety/Police Security Radio Headset
    Public Safety/Police Security
    In the realm of public safety and police security, effective communication is essential for maintaining law and order.
  • Racing Radios Headset
    Race Cars/Off Road
    In the fast-paced world of racing events, effective communication is paramount for safety, coordination, and smooth operations.
  • Two Way Radios For Hotel Services/Catering
    Hotel Services/Catering
    In the realm of hotel services and the food and beverage industry, effective communication is essential for delivering exceptional guest experiences.
  • Construction Two Way Radios
    In the field of engineering construction, effective communication is paramount for successful project execution.
  • Two Way Radios For Fire Protection
    Fire Protection
    When it comes to fire safety, prompt and reliable communication is crucial.
  • Tactical/Military Two Way Radios
    In the realm of military tactical, effective communication is the linchpin of successful operations.
  • Two Way Radios For Transport Port Terminal
    Transport Port Terminal
    In the realm of port and terminal transportation, efficient communication is essential for seamless operations and logistics management.
  • Two Way Radios For Directing And Broadcasting
    Directing And Broadcasting
    In the realm of directing, effective communication is the cornerstone of bringing a creative vision to life.
  • Call Center Headset
    Phone Service
    In the realm of customer service, effective communication is the key to providing exceptional experiences.

Customer Testimonials

Quality is excellent relative to price, the products we purchase are what is required by our clients. Packing and packages are good, but bulk supplies we can ere package here, and we offer your soft headset bag free with each purchase, it is low cost and well accepted. In a simple word: "BRILLIANT".

From John (Aviation Headset)
From John (Aviation Headset)

The headsets I have sold have been very well received, with absolutely NO comlpaints. It's great to have all satified customers.

From Scott (Aviation Headset)
From Scott (Aviation Headset)