Radio Medium Weight Headsets is Over-the-Head w/boom mic & in-line PTT Swivel Flexible Boom Mic. Available for use with portable radios.

Offer high-clarity sound, clear, two-way radio communication in harsh, noisy environments or situations. Theater directors, video and film crews love this one.

Radio Medium Weight Headsets For Sale

Key Features of Radio Medium Weight Headsets

1. Comfortable Over-the-Head Design: The headset features an over-the-head design that provides a comfortable fit for extended wear. This design ensures that the headset remains secure and in place during use.

2. Dynamic Mic Flexible Boom Microphone: The headset is equipped with a dynamic mic flexible boom microphone. This microphone allows for easy positioning, ensuring optimal audio pickup and clarity. It also comes with a replaceable windscreen to reduce wind and background noise interference.

3. PTT (Push-to-Talk) Functionality: The headset includes a built-in PTT button, allowing for convenient and hands-free communication. Users can easily initiate transmissions with a press of the button, ensuring seamless communication during critical moments.

4. High-Output Speaker: The headset is equipped with a high-output speaker that delivers high-clarity sound, enabling clear and crisp two-way radio communication. This feature ensures that users can hear incoming communications with precision, even in harsh and noisy environments.

5. Suitable for Moderate Noise Environments: The RHS-0436D headset is designed for use in moderate noise environments. It balances high-clarity communication with the comfort necessary for extended wear, making it suitable for various applications where clear communication is essential.

6. Compatible with Portable Radios: This headset is specifically designed for use with portable radios. It is compatible with a range of radio models, allowing for seamless integration and efficient communication.

7. Ideal for Harsh and Noisy Environments: The RHS-0436D headset is particularly well-suited for use in harsh and noisy environments or situations. It provides reliable and clear two-way radio communication, making it a preferred choice for professionals such as theater directors, video crews, and film crews who require effective communication in demanding settings.

Radio Medium Weight Headsets combine comfort, high-clarity communication, and durability, making it an excellent choice for professionals working in moderate noise environments. Its dynamic mic flexible boom microphone, PTT functionality, and high-output speaker ensure clear and reliable two-way radio communication, while the over-the-head design provides a comfortable fit for extended wear.