We offer spare parts like microphone, earcups, protection cover etc. for our headsets. Adapter cable are also available from our ranges to adapt different headsets. We aim at providing you a perfect way of extending the life of headset that you ordered from us.

Aviation Headset Parts For Sale

Why Do You Need Aviation Headset Parts?

Headsets can be quite costly, so it's essential to avoid replacing them unless it's absolutely necessary. Similarly, purchasing a spare set for each different aircraft you fly can be impractical and expensive. However, there is a solution to both issues. You can enhance and customize your existing headset with accessories that prolong its lifespan and improve its functionality. If your headset is showing signs of wear due to age, replacing ear seals, cushions, and mic screens can breathe new life into it, making it feel like brand new again. Moreover, if you frequently switch between different aircraft, our affordable adapters allow you to use just one headset across all your flights, saving you time and money.

What Are The Different Plug Types That Are Used On Aviation Headsets?

Choosing the right headset connector involves understanding the differences between each type. Here's a breakdown of the various connectors commonly used in aviation:

1. Twin Plugs: This is the most common connector in aviation, with separate plugs for headphone audio and microphone. It is widely used in general aviation and commercial airplanes. Twin Plugs require batteries for the Active Noise Reduction (ANR) feature.

2. 6-Pin Connector: The 6-Pin connector provides audio, microphone, and power to the headset for ANR and Bluetooth functions. It is sometimes referred to as LEMO or panel-powered plugs. These connectors are found in various aircraft, and kits are available to add them if not already installed.

3. Helicopter Plug: A single connection plug, shorter and fatter than Twin Plugs, used in helicopters and some military aircraft. It supplies signals to the microphone and headphone but does not power ANR or Bluetooth functions.

4. XLR Airbus Connector: The least common connector, a 5-pin plug that powers the headset and relays audio and microphone signals. This plug resembles those found on stage microphones and is used in newer commercial aircraft, primarily by Airbus.

When selecting a headset, consider the type of aircraft you'll be flying and whether you need features like ANR or Bluetooth. Ensure compatibility with the aircraft's existing connectors or be prepared to install the necessary adapters or modifications. Consult experienced pilots or seek assistance from knowledgeable staff to make an informed choice.