In order to make the product more valuable, we not only focus on the quality of the products,but also provide customers

OEM Of Communication Accessories Products

OEM - We can customize all kinds of packaging, instructions, labels and screen printing services for customers.

ODM Of Communication Accessories Products

ODM - can provide customers with all services from product development, design and manufacturing to post-maintenance. Customers only need to propose product functions or product ideas, and we can turn the product from an idea into a reality.


Design Of Communication Accessories Products

We are experts in mold design and manufacturing. Whether our customers need simple molded plastic parts or more complex electronic components, Our engineering team has the ability and tools to generate quick solutions. A successful manufacturing design project is related to the discussion and cooperation between you and the customer.


  • PCBA Of Communication Accessories Products


    PCBA is an indispensable component in electronic products. We can produce simple to complex multi-layer integrated circuits. Our R&D team can design advanced circuits to produce comprehensive products.

  • MOLD DESIGN Of Communication Accessories Products


    We have our own mold department, which is filled with all kinds of molds. Except for the molds for conventional products, many of them are customized for customers. Our ability to design and manufacture injection molds and assembly production jigs makes us stand out from the competition. Whether it is a small batch of electronic components or a large batch of plastic parts, we consistently design and manufacture high-quality injection molds at a lower cost and faster speed. Because we can fully control the injection mold design process, we can design given parts and related tools to achieve efficient manufacturability. We can take your product from concept to full production in ten weeks or less. This minimizes overall production costs without sacrificing quality.

  • 3D PRINTING Of Communication Accessories Products


    Nowadays 3D printing is widely used in various production components,  prototypes and tools. In RayTalk manufacturing,  we also apply 3D printing to OEM, ODM projects. 3D functional and structural prototypes can help pull project schedule and move more efficiently to bulk production.

  • INJECTION MOLDED COMPONENTS Of Communication Accessories Products


    We own 12 injection molding machines, capable of producing plastic parts of various sizes. Our molds range from simple two-plate molds to complex gear mechanisms and three-plate complex water-cooled molds. It can be adapted from small batch production with a small quantity to mass production of hundreds of thousands of pieces.


  • PURCHASING & IQC Of Communication Accessories Products


    Purchase all necessary materials and components, and manufacture tools. This usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete. Once the materials arrive at our factory, IQC department will inspect raw materials to ensure that the materials used in production are all qualified products.After that,the bill of materials (BOM) will be organized by our inventory experts and delivered to the production team assemblers for next steps.

  • MANUFACTURING Of Communication Accessories Products


    Once the customer confirms the pre-production sample, we will immediately notify the production line, the production line will apply for picking, verification, spare parts and corresponding production tools, and then arrange the production process to promote efficient production.Once mass production starts, we will confirm the delivery time. Generally speaking, our delivery time is about 4 weeks. The specific time depends on the complexity and scale of the project. Whether it is the complexity of the project or the size of the order and scale,we have a complete production facility and a professional technical team to meet your manufacturing needs.

  • TESTING Of Communication Accessories Products


    We will conduct multiple rounds of testing and full inspection of the products before shipment. Usually, our QA/QC personnel will  test the products before and after production, assembly and packaging to provide customers with quality-assured products  and ensure that the products are specifically designed for their unique applications.