What is VOX for Two Way Radios?

Dec 05 , 2022

Vox is 'Voice operated exchange' and it is a sound detection trigger, it can also be called "voice control".

How does this feature work?

The biggest effect of VoX is: Total Hands- Free Operation

Normally a lot of walkie-talkies have a PTT key, you should press this key when transmitting. For the walkie-talkie

with VOX function, you can also transmit without pressing PTT.

When we turn on voX, the microphone of your walkie-talkie is always listening your voice, and will automatically

start transmitting when detected your voice.

Sound Activation

VOX is sound activated, but not just voice activated. if you are using the MotorolaTalk about T62in an environment with a lot of background noise, it may pick up and transmit the surrounding background sound and keep the walkie-talkie constantly transmitting.

But now to stop unwanted transmissions, manufacturers will set the level of sensitivity, which means the switch will only activate when it detects sound above a certain decibel level.

Delay Option

The circuit also includes a delay to prevent the circuit from deactivating when speech or sound stops. To ensure that the circuit does not shut down during the typical brief pauses during communication.

What VOX earpiece we have?

There are 3 models for you and welcome contact us to get more products.

What is VOX for Two Way Radios?