Happy Summer Trip To Huizhou

Aug 12 , 2022

In this summer of 2022, end of July (7.30-7.31), we had a beautiful and pleasant trip to Xunliao Bay in Huizhou and started an outdoor team building activity with the theme of "cohesion team, grow together, pursue excellence, and create a win-win situation" ,The purpose is to enrich the spare time life of employees, and further strengthen the cohesion within the team and enhance the collaboration ability between teams through collective expansion and travel.

In this event, our team combined outdoor development training with leisure and entertainment. During the two-day and one-night event, everyone sweated, smiled, and enjoyed it. Let’s review our beautiful moments.

Outdoor Development Training

Leisure and Entertainment

Beautiful Moments

In these outdoor activities, through the real CS field training and team group competitions in the outdoor development base, we created four major teams: Named the stormtroopers, the strongest stormtroopers and the wolf warriors. They completed their own team style display in their own unique way.

Honor of the Team

With the coach's organization and guidance, competitive competitions are held between each team, and everyone goes all out to work hard for the honor of the team.

Among the activities, the most impressive part is the activity "dynamic circle", which made us realize that the power of one person is very limited, but the power of a team who share the same interests and goals can create miracles.

Dynamic Circle

A good team needs a good leader who leads everyone in the same direction, trusts each other, cooperates with each other, and supports each other.

Good Leader

With the successful conclusion of the "Dynamic Circle" game, team building event came to an end. Looking back, everyone sweated together, but also showed a tacit smile between the teams.

Dynamic Circle Game

Here are some photos with happy smiling faces, then we entered the leisure and entertainment time.

Next is our carnival feast, leaving a lot of laughter and good memories: seafood dinner, beach BBQ, bonfire music party, collective birthday party in July, we will never get tired of such an intensive feast arrangement!

Happy Smiling Faces

As thenight is stillyoung and there came withan unforgettable "birthday party", cake battles are common, but beach cake battles are notverycommon;Sothe nightendedwitheveryone held hands with each other and danced around the fire to express their joy and happiness, listening to the sound of the waves hitting the beach , playing wonderful and interesting games, the romantic bonfire party ignited everyone's passion, beautiful fireworks, moving singing.

Birthday Party

Sunset and sunrise, we experienced a different coastal culture, a different sailing,felt the power of nature, the breeze, all these have completely relaxed our impetuous body and mind.

Relaxed Our Impetuous Body and Mind

Overall,there is so much more we can do, let's moveforward and createmoretogether, andpursue a better tomorrow!