Price Is Not The Only Thing, Good Service Can Attract Customers

May 20 , 2022

With the development of the company and the increase of the number of customers, RayTalk had hold internal meeting on how to serve large and high-quality customers.

Internal Meeting

It mentioned the following characteristics of major customers in the market:

1. Gold customer

2. Operating for a long time

3. Large scale of personnel

4. Long transaction process

5. Unique logo

6. Factory inspection

In the view of RayTalk, the Key customers have the following characteristics:

exclusive logo, mature company framework, personnel performing their own duties, internal professional document circulation, third-party inspection or factory inspection to check the strength of suppliers, active presence on the Internet, industry reputation and Influence.

We serve customers from different countries and regions, and the customer industries involve intercom, aviation, heavy industry, clothing, racing, etc.

Industries Involve

Become our VIP customer, we will provide you with:

1. Laser engraving date code - identification of production date
2. Exclusive packaging design - creating company characteristics
3. Market analysis - integrating into the non-professional market
4. Third-party inspection and factory inspection, actively cooperate!

RayTalk hopes to have more key customers who meet our standards to win-win together, because as a suppliers , working with big customers will make us improve our professional and performance level. Win-win is a scene that all businessmen love to see. It is also one of our many purposes.

If you are not up to a major customer of RayTalk standard for the time being, it is OK, we have the confidence to grow with you.

Also looking forward to mutual progress with more customers

Mutual Progress