Zhuhai International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition

Nov 11 , 2022

The 14th China International Aviation and Aerospace Expo was held in Zhuhai, Guangdong, attracting more than 110 aircraft from more than 740 companies from 43 countries and regions.

The J-20 made a shocking debut, the domestic large aircraft C919 flew side by side, UAV systems and anti-UAV systems compete to appear.

There are also many "sea, land, sky, " and other fields, the "first show" of new products. Many heavy weapons show off their skills on the same stage and dance in the blue sky, which makes the audience feast their eyes and breathe.

Whether it is a live experience or an online cloud exhibition, the blood is surging and the soul is shocked.

At the Zhuhai Air Show, RayTalk brought the most advanced new series of aviation noise-cancelling headphones, showing the company's brand image and technical strength in the field of aviation communications.

RayTalk looks forward to escorting your aviation flight.