March 29-30th, 2017 IWCE Exhibition

Mar 29 , 2017

Dear friends,

RayTalk Communications Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Two Way Radio Accessories and Aviation Headset since 2006.

Our products include Aviation headset,heavy duty headset,PTT Selection,Lapel Microphones, Surveillance Kits, Earpieces, Ear bone Microphone, Handle Speaker.Microphone, Throat Microphone, Listening only kits,audio adapters,Spare parts etc, compatible with Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, HYT,Vertex,Nokia,Midland.Nexus. Simoco,etc.

Following is March 29-30th, 2017 IWCE Exhibition information, looking forward to seeing you there!


Aviaton Headset

Below is our top sale earphone and i'd like to recommend to you as reference:

Aviation Headsets

PH-100A PNR Headset

PH-100A PNR Headset

*GA dual plug Headset with Flexible boom Mic

*Passive Noise reduction ratings (NRR):23dB

*electret Mic,dynamic Mic can be replaced

PH-400AC-BT ANR Headset with Blue-tooth

PH-400AC-BT ANR Headset with Blue-tooth

*Carbon Fiber shell,weight just 255 grams

*Active Noise reduction ratings (NRR):29dB

*Blue-tooth enabled for music and phone calls.

PH-100AC ANR Headset

PH-100AC ANR Headset

*Active Noise reduction ratings (NRR):29dB

*Small AA battery box with belt clip.

*Great audio speaker performance with clear sound

General Aviation Headset

PH-100 General Aviation Headset

*PNR Noise cancelling Headset

*Adjustable Metal Boom Microphone

*Low-profile volume control knob.

Two Way Radio Headset

EM-3327 C-shape earhook earpiece

EM-3327 C-shape earhook earpiece

*Soft Rubber C-ring adjustable earhook earpiece.

*Polyurethane-jacketed Kevlar cables

Surverillance Earpiece

EM-4328P Surverillance earpiece

*Rugged lapel mic with surveillance style acoustic tube earphone

G shape earhook earpiece

EM-2027 G shape earhook earpiece

*earhook earpiece with small lapel PTT/Microphone.

*High quality electret condenser mic element

RAN-1000A Noise cancelling Headset

RAN-1000A Noise cancelling Headset

*NOise reduction rating:24dB.

*With 5pin XLR cable,3.5mm AUX jack optional

Speaker Microphone

Remote Speaker Microphones


Remote speaker Microphone

Radio Speaker Mics


Medium duty remote speaker Microphone


◆ Push-to-talk button for sending radio calls

◆ Environmental Polyurethane coil cable reinforced with Kevlar

◆ Built in 3.5mm accessory jack for acoustic tube or ear hook listen only kits

◆ Spring loaded, metal reinforced clothing clip 360 degree rotation