What Should We Do When We Encounter Frequency Crosstalk?

Dec 20 , 2022

When you are adjusting the walkie-talkie, you can suddenly hear someone talking? Obviously you are not talking, but you can hear other people's conversations on the walkie-talkie? The point is, you don't know the two people you are talking to!

This phenomenon has a professional term in the field of walkie-talkies called "frequency crosstalk", which means that there is another group of voices on the same or similar frequency that interfere with your walkie-talkie.

If you can hear other people's conversations, naturally others may also hear your conversations, resulting in information insecurity. How to ensure the security of walkie-talkie information and ensure that the information is not leaked is the most concerned issue for many walkie-talkie users.

The phenomenon of "string frequency" may generally appear on analog walkie -talkies, because the encryption of analog walkie-talkies is to superimpose a high-frequency signal on the voice, the security performance is not particularly good, it is easy to be cracked, and it is also easily affected by distance and the environment.

What shouldwe dowhen we encounter "frequency crosstalk"?

Many people's first reaction is to change the channel, but this cannot solve the fundamental problem.

After research and development and upgrading, the digital walkie-talkie adopts digital encryption technology, and there will beno frequency crosstalk problems.

The digital encryption technology converts the analog voice into a digital signal, and then modulates it to the radio frequency, and the "plaintext" is changed into "ciphertext" by the cipher machine. Eavesdropping requires turning "ciphertext" into "plaintext", but the key conversion of digital walkie-talkies is complex and numerous, and it is difficult to decrypt. At the same time, using the unique codec technology and forward error correction technology, other external signals are excluded to achieve no cross-frequency.

What Should We Do When We Encounter Frequency Crosstalk?

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