What Is The Difference Of Walkie Talkies And Two Way Radios?

Jan 03 , 2023

Many peopleuse the term walkie-talkie and two-way radio interchangeably.

While do you know what's the difference of walkie talkies and two way radios? All walkie talkies are two way radio, but not all two way radios are walkie talkies. They have their advantages and disadvantages.

More poeple have the impression of walkie talkies withbrightly-colored children's toy. They're more oriented to be see for retails. A walkie-talkie is a portable device with push-to-talk function, whichonly transmits one radio on the channel at a time. They don't need a tower, thusthey can be limited in range. A walie talkie is aportable device, it's license-free.

Two-way radioscansend and receive signals.

There are full and half duplex two way radios. The half-duplex radiossends and receives signals one by one, while the full duplex sends and receivesat the same time. You can call and receive at the same time using two different frequencies. Unlike walkie -talkies remain on receiving mode while someone is talking, two-way radios allow you to

send message at the same time.

Same as walkie-talkies, they don't need towers. Two-way radios are mostly used for commercial purposes, for example Public Safety, Business & Operations, Schools & Transportation, Medical & Hospitals or Hospitality & Special Events, for their additional features and high quality.

In a word, both walkie-talkies and two-way radios are valuable and have their applications. Here RayTalk could provide you varieties of solutions for two way radio accessories. We can provide erapiece, speaker mic., headsets, battery, charger, antennas, adapter cables, etc.

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What Is The Difference Of Walkie Talkies And Two Way Radios?