Sincerely Celebrate RayTalk Got IS09001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

Feb 25 , 2022

Sincerely celebrate that RayTalk successfully got the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification on January 7, 2022, this is a new progress made by RayTalk in the process of improving the comprehensive strength, it symbolize we reach to a new level in refined, institutionalized and standardized management.

ISO9001:2015 Quality Management

RayTalk always pay highly importance to the standardization of enterprise management, the refined development of products and the sustainable development of customer service. And combined with the company's realistic development direction, the full-process introduction of the ISO9001 quality management system have started in the mid 2021, finally established the company's quality policy of "smart management, expansion and innovation, fine manufacturing, and continuous improvement".

By strengthening organizational leadership, standardizing management manuals and procedural documents, amplifying the training of the standard management system content and strictly implementing internal management audits, we fully invested in the construction and improvement of the management system in order to strengthened the standardization work awareness of faculty with the company's quality policy as the main line. Standardized and refined standards have built a better foundation for us to provide customers with better and more sustainable products and services.

Standardizing Management Manuals

RayTalk will take the opportunity to further promote the effective operation of the quality management system, constantly improve and enhance the company's comprehensive management level and service level to continue to provide clients with more competitive products and services.