At The Very Beginning Of The Year, Everything Takes On A Fresh And New Look.

Feb 12 , 2022

At the very beginning of the year, everything takes on a fresh and new look. With the cheerful New Year's atmosphere that has not dissipated, a new journey has begun. On February 10th, RayTalk kicked off the work with the sound of electronic firecrackers and the congratulations of colleagues!

Kicked Off the Work

The New Year opens and we go on a new journey together. In the New Year, we will remain true to our original aspiration and keep our feet on the ground. Go all out for the iteration and upgrade of products, unswervingly adhering to the values of "unity, enterprising, integrity, gratitude" forward!

Through the rest of the 14-day holiday,ended the Spring Festival holiday of visit relatives and friends. Today, we are back to the familiar positions, tidy up the mood, bring the New Year's expectations and vision, start the Year of tiger. Here we wish all partners have a wonderful beginning and bright future.

In the commencement speech, our president Mr. Jingping Lei gave a brief and comprehensive saying:In the year of the tiger, hope our company performance has a higher breakthrough, like a tiger rushing down from the mountain,Let customers trust us more. This brief speech got the company off to a good start

On the Spring Festival holiday, our vice president Mrs. Ailsa Wong, who have been with our company for 10 years, got married in a jubilant New Year. The old customers who have cooperated our the company for many years respectively gave her a wedding gift, which contained a full wedding blessing.

Wedding Blessing

Wedding Gift

Afterwards, the management of the company handed out a red envelope to each of the employees, and hope we all forge ahead with the vigor and vitality of the tiger.

Red Envelope

RayTalk wish you all very success in the Year of Tiger.

Year of Tiger