Review of RayTalk's ''Golden Autumn October'' Sales Contest in 2021

Dec 20 , 2021

The sales contest "Golden Autumn October" has come to a successful conclusion. We surpassed the record again and handed in a perfect answer with everyone's unremitting efforts and the concerted cooperation of all teams.

The event was officially launched on 1st, Oct. The total duration is from 1st Oct. to  6th Nov., total 37 days. We used perfect answer sheets and intuitive sales data to reflect the slogan of our sales event: Go for it if you have a goal!

We organized the "Golden Autumn October" sales contest kick off meeting in the afternoon of 9th Oct. 2021, and confirmed the theme slogan of "If you have a goal, go for it." All staff participated in the kick-off meeting. At the meeting, Ms. Ailsa Huang, the person in charge of the business department and the company's deputy general manager, gave an overview of the sales activity and to ensure they can effectively complete the task, Ms. Ailsa Huang has divided the functions of each department during the sales activity.

Golden Autumn October

Then the host came to the stage and focused on the new interesting incentive part of this sales event "Win the drums and get the team bonus stack" to give a detailed introduction: whose team goal completion rate first reaches 50%, 80%, and 100% can get one time Win the drums of war + lucky turntable bonus stacking opportunity. The maximum turntable bonus is RMB 1,000. The bonus can be stacked. Everyone is eager to try and hope to be the first to reach the completion rate.

Win the Drums and Get the Team Bonus Stack

The climax of the kick-off meeting was the award of the flag by the declarations. First, the business teams took the oath and signed the military order. Then the logistics team took the oath and read the four logistics service standards. After the declarations, the battle flag with the military order signed by Vice president Huang will be awarded to each business team. In the swearing session, everyone has fully entered the best "battle" state. Everyone at the scene is in high spirits and fighting spirit. They shouted the slogans of their teams, as if victory was not far away.

Four service standards of the company's logistics team:

Actively respond to business consulting and efficiently respond to business needs.

Business problems are resolved immediately, and proactive services are fully coordinated.

Four Service Standards

At the kick-off meeting, Mr. Lei, the company's CEO, was invited to give a speech at the event. Mr. Lei expressed his confidence and expectations for this event, and how to maintain our work attitude and efficiency, it was thought-provoking and everyone has different feelings and gains.

Company's CEO

During the sales contest, all the employees enter the state, the sales team struggles for the sales  target, and the logistics team fully cooperates with the sales teams.

On 21st Oct., the "Shining Girls Team" took the lead in completing 50% of the team goal, winning the first drum, and took an afternoon tea benefit for colleagues!

Then, the team of "Rising Star" won the second drum on 26th Oct, and drew a prize of 1,000RMB for the team!

On 29th Oct., the first team with a goal completion rate of 100% was born, that was our "Shining Girls Team"! Won the third drum and draw a prize of 1,000RMB for the team!

At this time, although the three drums have been sounded, the sales contest is not over! Fierce competition continues!! Until November 6th(the day the sales contest ended), both teams still keep fighting.
The sales contest ended on November 6th, and the result was announced. The team of "Rising Star" won the No.1 in the team target completion rate.

Shining Girls

After the sales contest, the company held the summary and commendation meeting of "Golden Autumn October" on November 26.  Through watching the video during the activity, we recalled all pieces of ourselves and our team during the sales contest, and also recalled the efforts of the past and present moments.

Then, we honored and awarded the outstanding colleagues in this sales activity suc. Let's record this beautiful moment together and offer our sincere congratulations.

The top three winners of the personal target completion rate are Helen (No.1), Abby (No.2), and Shelly (No.3).

The top three winners in personal target completion rate were Bliss(No.1), Sama(No.2) and Lemon(No.3).

The final award is the No.1 in the team target completion rate! The winning team is the "Rising Star" team

Rising Star


Let us show the results of the struggle of each team.


In this sales event, the whole team has exceeded our goal, and the support of the logistics team was essential. The company also honors and encourages them with cash rewards.

Sales Event

At the end of the meeting, the CEO Mr. Lei expressed his praise and affirmation on the performance of the sales event, congratulated the business team for breaking new records this time, and awarded the team leader, Ms. Ailsa Huang with a certificate and bonus. Mr. Lei hope that our business team can make persistent efforts, maintain the spirit of "If you have a goal, go for it", and create better results!

Certificate and Bonus

The 2021 "Golden Autumn October" sales contest event also came to a successful conclusion in our group photo. "If you have a goal, go for it" is the theme slogan of this sales event. We hope everyone can continue to maintain this spirit for yourself, Continue to contribute to the company's development, continue to surpass ourselves, to provide our customers with better quality services, work together, cheer!

Work Together