RayTalk Helmet Headsets For Paramotor

Jul 29 , 2022

Paramotor flying is a fashionable sport that integrates skills, physical fitness and intelligence, and it is also a sport for the brave. This sport involves multi-disciplinary knowledge such as aviation theory, meteorological knowledge, and sports fitness. Favored by the majority of aviation sports enthusiasts.

1. Helmet selection

We have four different designs of helmets: PH-HM100, PH-HM200Q, PH-HM300Q, PH=HM400Q. There are standard models, full-face models, and carbon fiber models, you can choose the suitable helmet according to your needs.

RayTalk Helmet Headsets For Paramotor

2. Plug selection

Our helmet headset can be used for both aviation and 2 way radio. Aviation plugs include: GA dual plug, helicopter(U174/U) plug, 6 pin Lemo plug, Bose A20 headphone plug etc.

Walkie-talkie plugs: Motorola/Kenwood/lCOM/Hytera/Sepura/Vertex/Midland/Kirisun/Maytel etc. plugs are available for various models, Just tell us your walkie-talkie model number.

RayTalk Helmet Headsets For Paramotor

3. Headset function selection

Passive Noise Cancelling(PNR) Headphones: Passive noise canceling is to achieve noise reduction by physically blocking noise.

Active Noise Cancelling(ANR) Headphones: Active noise reduction is to generate reverse sound waves equal to the external noise through the noise reduction system of the headphones, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing noise.

Bluetooth headset: it can connect to the phone through the Bluetooth module to answer calls or listen to music (no snag hazards).