Classification of Walkie-talkies

Apr 28 , 2023

1. Handheld wireless walkie-talkie

This is a wireless walkie-talkie with small size, light weight, and low power. It is suitable for hand-held or bagged, easy to carry around, and can communicate on the go. Its power generally does not exceed 5W in the VHF frequency band and 4W in the UHF frequency band. The communication distance can generally reach 5 kilometers in an unobstructed open area. The machine is suitable for communication between mobile personnel in various occasions at close range. In the radio series, the number and variety of applications of handheld radio "walkie. talkies" are the largest, accounting for more than 80%.

2. Vehicle-mounted wireless walkie-talkie

This is a wireless walkie-talkie that can be installed on vehicles, ships, airplanes and other means of transportation and is directly powered by the power supply of the vehicle, and uses the antenna on the vehicle (ship, machine). It is mainly used for transportation, production scheduling, and security command. Waiting for business. Its volume is large, and the power is not less than 10W, generally 25W, and the high power is generally 50W.

3. Simplex machine for simplex communication and duplex machine for duplex communication

Simplex communication means that at the same time, information can only be transmitted in one direction, you talk and 1 listen, and 1 talk and you listen. This kind of radio walkie-talkie that can only work alternately and cannot work at the same time is called a simplex radio. Duplex communication means that information can be transmitted in

both directions at the same time. Just like making a phone call, you can listen while speaking, and listen while speaking.

4. Analog walkie-talkie and digital walkie-talkie

In terms of design technology, radio walkie-talkies can be divided into analog walkie-talkies (also known as traditional walkie-talkies) designed with analog communication technology, and digital walkie-talkies designed with digital technology.

Classification of Walkie-talkies