How To Extend Your Two-Way Radio Life

Oct 14 , 2022

Nowadays we will need two way radios in many different applications, government & public safety, transportation & logistics, utilities, education, and hospitality worldwide.

Buying a fleet of two way radios is a beneficial investment to improve efficiency of communication, thus how to extend radio life is even more beneficial. Normally two way radios could be with a common life of 5-7 years, some even a low end quality could allow 3-4 years if you take good care of them.

Here we got some tips for you:

1. Before you purchase, get a good knowledge, and choose a two-way radio that is resistant to water, dust and impact.

2. When you handle the assembly of radios, handle with care, at least as much care as possible

3. Two-way radio belt clips or wall mounts would be great help for you in daily use, they could reduce the chance of dropped radios and avoid possible damages.

4. Use trickle charging, instead of fast charging. A slower charging of 8-12 hours could help extend the battery lifespan. Fast charging recommended only in absolutely necessary case.

5. Replace battery, antenna and any other parts when necessary needed.

6. And the last tip would be use accessories like earpiece, speaker mic., connector adapter to protect your two way radios. Accessories not only could extend the life of your two way radio, but also improve your efficiency of talk!

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How To Extend Your Two-Way Radio Life

How To Extend Your Two-Way Radio Life