Do You Know What Types Of Tour Guide Headsets There Are?

Oct 21 , 2022

When it comes to tour guide headsets, we have to talk about the tour guide system first.

A tour guide system is a portable wireless communication system that allows a guide to speak to a group of people.

A system consists of a transmitter with a microphone for the guide, receivers with headphones for the audience, Each receiver has a 3.5mm headphone socket and a volume control.

Did you know there are those tour guide headsets?

1. Single D shape earpieces

Due to its compact shape, portability and low cost, it is the most widely used in tour guide systems and is also popular with the public. But these types of headphones are suitable for use in quiet environments, too noisy environments will affect the received sound

2. Lightweight headphones

These headphones provide clear sound to both ears. Headphones can help keep the tour group focused on the guide's message and reduce distractions from other noises in the area. The adjustable headband and rotatable ear cushions are designed for comfort.

3. Dual-MuffPNRheadsets

These heavy-duty headphones are designed for travel in high-noise environments and provide users with hearing protection. The closed-back earcups provide excellent isolation, allowing the guide's voice to be heard.

Basically, all the tour guide headphones you need can be found here, and it is easy to change the internal wiring to a 3.5mm plug.

Do You Know What Types Of Tour Guide Headsets There Are?