Colorful Sky, Safeguarding Children's Dreams

May 27 , 2024

Flying is not only an adventure for adults—it's also a dream for children. As more families choose to take their kids on aerial adventures, it's crucial to ensure their safety while they have fun in the sky. Particularly important is protecting their sensitive ears and maintaining clear communication amidst the noisy cabin environment. This is why RayTalk has designed the PH-100AK children’s aviation headset for kids aged 6 to 10.

Guarding Hearing, Ensuring Safety

The PH-100AK headset is more than just a headset—it’s a guardian of children’s hearing during flight. It employs advanced passive noise cancellation technology, using specially designed ear pads to effectively block out the noise from airplane engines and the surrounding environment, reducing potential damage to children's hearing.


Comfortable Wear, Clear Communication

The RayTalk team understands that every child’s head shape and size are different. Therefore, the PH-100AK’s headband is highly flexible, easily adjustable to fit various head shapes, ensuring the headset remains securely and comfortably in place on little adventurers’ heads. Additionally, the headset is lightweight and comes with soft, comfortable ear pads that won’t cause discomfort, even during long wear.


Innovative Design, Joyful Flights

Considering the physiological and psychological needs of children, RayTalk has created the PH-100AK headset—safe, fun, and ensuring each flight is a new adventure. This headset is available in eight different colors, offering a variety of styles that allow children to confidently express themselves.


The PH-100AK children’s aviation headset is a comprehensive companion in flight that considers safety, comfort, and personalization. With its effective noise-canceling function and child-friendly design, it makes their flying experience safer and more memorable. Choose RayTalk—because the safety and happiness of children are our eternal pursuit.