Choose the Right Aviation Headset for Kids

Feb 21 , 2023

We often talk about how to choose aviation headsets, but actually more attention should be paid to children's aviation headsets.

Do you need a full working headset or hearing protection only?

Do you prefer Bluetooth capabilities for electronics?

Do you prefer a premium set, or do you only need a budget set?

So ourPH-600 newly aviation headset will provide u with better experience.

Our products have the functions to solve these problems. The noise reduction function of theheadset reaches 23DB. It also has an additional Bluetooth control box and link audio. It has both full-featured features and hearing protection.

The foam ear pads allow theheadsets to be in a comfortable state without pressure even during a long flight. The size and weight are specially designed for children and are within their tolerance.

On the basis of advanced functions and appearance, the price of PH-600 is alsoa budget set.

It will be your best choice for your kids.