What is The Ground Support Headset?

Apr 21 , 2022

Aviation Ground Support Headsets are designed to facilitate communication when background noise or distance makes it extremely difficult. During Push-Back operations, communication is critical to ensure the safety of everyone in the vicinity, and the protection of the aircraft from accidental damage. Our Noise Attenuating Headsets provide the

hearing protection required and our Noise Cancelling Microphones ensure clear, crisp transmission regardless of the noise level.

What is The Ground Support Headset?

What is the feature?

This aviation ground support headset feature is below.

a. Wire Boom allows for microphone/boom placement on the right or left side.

b. M-1/DC amplified dynamic noise cancelling microphone.

c. Momentary PTT (push-to-talk) switch on ear dome.

d. Soft head pad and ear seals guarantee exceptional comfort.

e. Corrosion-proof, chrome plated headset/stirrup assembly.

f. Passive noise reduction ratings: 23dB.

g. 10M straight cord with (SC -267) plug to mate with series extension cords.

What is The Ground Support Headset?

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