Throat Mic. Headset-Histroy and Application

Mar 31 , 2022

Throat microphones headset pick up wearer's voice by vibration of throat, so the wearer can communicate in a low voice.

Do you know the history of throat mic. headset? In 1934, aviator Wiley Post added a throat mic into the design of practical pressure suit, so that communication is possible between he and his crew during high altitude testing.

Nowadays throat mic. Headset are widely use at below applications and with advantages:

1. Security personnel - throat mic headsets improves communication in noisy crowd situations

2. Paint- ball and gaming - needs direct communication in potentially noisy environments by talking in low voice without giving away their location.

3. Motorcycle and extreme sports enthusiasts一With interference from wind noise throat mic. headset could make their voice audible for their partners.

4. Fracking Industry and other Industrial Uses. On the job sites, respiratory equipment is needed and regular headset with boom mic. can't ensure the communication. A throat microphone headset worn on neck and don't need a boom mic, it's perfect option in this case.

Throat Mic. Headset-Histroy and Application

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