RayTalk New Interchangeable Earpieces

Nov 11 , 2021

Earpieces are essential for radios ,it helps keeping a quiet environment, and there are many different types of earpieces designed to fit different needs; single-wire, double-wire, D-style, surveillance, etc; and we now launched our new interchangeable earpieces which gives you flexible choice on earpieces.

The Interchangeable Earpiece allows the operations to leave the microphone earpiece on the radio at ALL times while allowing different users to swap their preferred choice of earpiece when changing shifts.

Raytalk New Interchangeable Earpieces

  • Spare Swap Interchangeable Earpieces for personal preference

  • High Grade Kevlar for any application

  • Promote good hygiene, staff morale, improved productivity

  • Lower long term operation costs

Any further questions please feel free to contact us.