RayTalk Bluetooth Solution Audio Accessories

Jul 19 , 2022

Bluetooth Lapel microphone

Mic. is inside the bluetooth transmitter. Multi options of interchangeable earpiece via 3.5mm jack can be connected to the bluetooth sender.

Bluetooth Receiver/adapter

We have BluePTT-M9 bluetooth adapter for Motorola APX radios, and BluePTT-M11

bluetooth adapter for Motorola XPR, MTP radios. For other radio models, we have BluePTT-I2 with a customized cable connector to match with different radios.

The adapter includes an innovative "On/Off" kill switch. "On" activates Bluetooth devices and the "Off" will revert to normal radio talk and listen.

Bluetooth Finger PTT Kit

Bluetooth finger PTT kit allows easy operation to activate the push to talk button.

RayTalk carry all accessories solution for you, we can be one-stop partner, contact us freely for more details.

Bluetooth Finger PTT Kit