How to Extend the Two-Way Radio Battery Life?

Sep 16 , 2022

In order to keep the radios working properly, we need to take care of the batteries, in general most two-way radio batteries last 18 to 24 months, and it depends on the quality of the battery and how you use the radio. Below are tips to extend the battery life:

1. Initializethe Battery

Brand new batteries come with nearly 50% of their capacity due to safety protocol, the battery power decreases over time, and to optimize the battery's future capacity, we should charge it overnight when first time using the battery for 14-16hrs.

2. Proper Storage

Keep the Batterycool, dry and clean to preserve the battery's capacity and several life cycles. Don't expose the batteries to contaminants, water, or near flammable substances.

3. Discharge the Batteries Beforestorage or Recharging

When batteries are initialized, used, drained to 50 percent and stored, it's best to conduct a deep discharge before recharging.

4. Don't Keep the Radio in the Charger with full power

Don't leave the radio in a charger for an extended period of time. It will reduce the life cycle and capacity of the batteries.

5. Replace Old Radio Batteries

Generally, radio batteries need to be replaced every 18 months or so, replace new lithium-ion batteries since they tend to hold the longest charge, produce less heat than other batteries.

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How to Extend the Two-Way Radio Battery Life?