How To Charging For Your Two Way Radio?

Aug 20 , 2021

As we all know, when charging a radio,it needs a radio equipped for charging, a charger, and rechargeable batteries.

Charging is generally accomplished using one of three methods: plug the charger into the radio, drop the radio into the charger, or drop the batteries into the charger to charge the batteries directly.

While charging methods may vary according the make and model of radio you are using and the type of battery or charger used, they all have one thing in common - the charger cable or station typically plugs into a wall outlet and recharges the battery from a stationary source of AC power.

So when you have multiple radios with different models that need to be charged, what do you need to do?

RT-UC 602 6 Way Intelligent Charger is a powerful and cost-effecive charger with 6 slots. We have more than 30 types of slots and adapted to over 300 different types of batteries including Motorola, Kenwood, Vertex, ICOM, Hytera and other brands, we can even customize the slots you need if your models are special.

How To Charging For Your Two Way Radio?

Strong practicability

---Over 30 types of slot to choice, customize what you need.

Portable and firm

---Lay on the table, hang on the wall.

Intelligent Design

---The charger uses European Semiconductor (ST) chip according to the charging characteristics of batteries.

---The circuit design is advanced, reliable and accurate.

---I has good repair, protection and automatic full control function for batteries.

How To Charging For Your Two Way Radio?

Operating principle

1. For long-term, over-discharge or voltage less than 6.5V of batteries, the charger will automatically measures first and charge with low current in yellow light.

2. When the current is above 6.5V, charge current increase to about 500mAh(current of each slot) and rapidly charge 7.9V in red light.

3. charge to 90% and about 7.9V, green light flashing, turn to low current and charge.

4. chage to 100%, became green light and charging process completed.

How To Charging For Your Two Way Radio?