Choose the Best Rated Remote Speaker Microphone for You [Cuide]

Jul 16 , 2021

Who uses a remote speaker mic?

Remote speaker mics are often used by police officers, firefighters, public safety officials, and staff during attendance high events like concerts and football games. People in crowds or near by are able to hear the receiving ends conversation which is why some people prefer a surveillance kit.

Choose the Best Rated Remote Speaker Microphone for You [Cuide]

Remote Speaker microphones are widely used across all industries around the country. These are popular because they are hands-free and do not interfere with everyday work. The mics have a push-to-talk (PTT) feature on the side that allows you to speak into the mic directly to the receiving end. There is no need to pick up the radio. The mics come with an audio jack capability. Keep in mind what millimeter jack you are purchasing because the mics vary between each audio jack input.

Choose the Best Rated Remote Speaker Microphone for You [Cuide]

What is the correct placement of a mic?

Wearing a speaker microphone is quite simple because it clips onto a uniform and rests on the person's shoulder.

The end of the mic has a connector that attaches to the radio. The mic sits close the mouth and ear so you are able to hear and speak with minimal movement and you don't need to pick up the radio.

What makes RayTalk a preferred option for speaker microphones?

Speaker microphones are designed to withstand the most rugged and tough environments. The microphones are equipped with Kevlar-reinforced cable. This means it is heat resistant and has a strong synthetic fiber inside the cable making it durable and resistant to breaking.

RayTalk Communication speaker microphones are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified factories to ensure the highest level of quality.

  • Great performance of audio sound transmission and reception

  • Push-to-talk button for sending radio calls

  • Made with durable strain relief material

  • Built in 3.5mm accessory jack for listen only kits

  • Spring loaded, metal reinforced clothing clip 360 degree rotation

  • IP67 rate water& duty proof and impact resistant

  • Environmental Polyurethane coil cable reinforced with Kelvar

  • Emergency button on top optional

Choose the Best Rated Remote Speaker Microphone for You [Cuide]

What does a waterproof rating mean in remote speaker mics?

Remote speaker mics go by a rating called an IP which stands for Ingress Protection. This number determines how resistant a mic is to a solid object and liquid. The IP rating contains 2 numbers that represent a degree of protection.

The first digit relates to solid ingress and the second digit relates to fluid ingress. For more information on the IP ratings of speaker microphones, please refer the below:

Choose the Best Rated Remote Speaker Microphone for You [Cuide]

What are“IP Ratings"?

“IP”stands for Ingress Protection. The numbers determine how well a product is resistant to solid objects, and liquids. The first digit ranges 0-6 and the second ranges from 0-8. Each digit represents the degree of protection against one of the environmental factors. The first number relates to solid particle ingress and the second to fluid ingress. An‘X' can be substituted for one of the digits if there is only one class of protection. Below shows the significance of the numbers.

Choose the Best Rated Remote Speaker Microphone for You [Cuide]