2023 Autumn Trip

Sep 20 , 2023

In September, as promised, our planned trip took place. The early summer of the lunar calendar had passed, and we headed to the Green Campsite in Huidong County Forest Park, a natural oxygen haven. We embarked on a collective camping outdoor adventure to get closer to nature and unwind.

On September 16th, under the bright sunshine and the morning sun, we set off on our journey for the RAYTALK "Onward Together, With You and Me" - the 2023 themed camping event!



We reached Shuidu Village, where the path led deep into the mountains. Cars could no longer proceed, so we continued on foot along a forested trail. The lush grass and flourishing trees on both sides provided a refreshing and tranquil atmosphere. The reputation of this natural oxygen paradise was well-deserved!



we arrived at the real natural oxygen haven, the Green Campsite. With the lush green hills, clear waters, and the warmth of the sun, we had truly arrived in paradise!


Getting close to nature allowed our bodies and minds to relax fully. Our leisure activities began, and truly, the slow pace of time was beautiful. We savored every moment!


As the evening lights began to shine, we gathered around a bonfire, just like a family dinner. We lit the fire and grilled some food, and nighttime on the grassland brought us a wonderful time of camaraderie!