• Q1: For the headset PH-100AC,the ANR noise reduction rate is not enough, it is said 29dB from your webpage, but the actual is less than 10dB, is there any way to improve it?
  • A: Please advise your test method.Different test methods and different frequencies have different effects.
  • Q2: Can the helicopter headphone extension cable be made into a one-to-two cable? Because there is only one headphone jack in the rear of the helicopter, and two people need to sit to use headphones, so a
  • A: Yes,that is ok to do.
  • Q3: Can you do Bose 8pin?
  • A: We are able to supply. How many pieces would you like to order? We may have Minimum quantity request from our supplier.
  • Q4: Can the carbon fiber bluetooth headset make and receive calls?
  • A: Yes,there is a phone call key on the BT module.
  • Q5: Is it possible to add a 3.5mm hole to listen to MP3 on the PH-100AC? If so, where should it be added?
  • A: It is ok to add the 3.5mm jack on the battery box.
  • Q6: Is it possible to remove the active noise reduction function of PH-100AC-BT, only remain the Bluetooth function?
  • A: Yes,that is possible.
  • Q7: What's the difference of the microphone from PH-100A and RAN-1000A?
  • A: The same  appearance, but PH-100A is for aviation with a PCB for louder sound quality and RAN-1000A is without PCB for two way radio communications.
  • Q8: 1. Where is the mono/stereo channel button of the Bluetooth headset? 2. In addition, if the Bluetooth headset is not used for a long time, can it automatically turn off the ANR/Bluetooth function?
  • A: Please open the battery box,you will see: Automatic shutdown (ON) \ non-automatic shutdown (OFF) function switching, the default is OFF; and the Mono/Stereo switch are hided in the box unit.
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