For the headset PH-100AC,the ANR noise reduction rate is not enough, it is said 29dB from your webpage, but the actual is less than 10dB, is there any way to improve it?

Please advise your test method.Different test methods and different frequencies have different effects.

Can the helicopter headphone extension cable be made into a one-to-two cable? Because there is only one headphone jack in the rear of the helicopter, and two people need to sit to use headphones

Yes,that is ok to do.

Can you do Bose 8pin?

We are able to supply. How many pieces would you like to order? We may have Minimum quantity request from our supplier.

Can the carbon fiber bluetooth headset make and receive calls?

Yes,there is a phone call key on the BT module.

Is it possible to add a 3.5mm hole to listen to MP3 on the PH-100AC? If so, where should it be added?

It is ok to add the 3.5mm jack on the battery box.

Is it possible to remove the active noise reduction function of PH-100AC-BT, only remain the Bluetooth function?

Yes,that is possible.

What's the difference of the microphone from PH-100A and RAN-1000A?

The same appearance, but PH-100A is for aviation with a PCB for louder sound quality and RAN-1000A is without PCB for two way radio communications.

1. Where is the mono/stereo channel button of the Bluetooth headset? 2. In addition, if the Bluetooth headset is not used for a long time, can it automatically turn off the ANR/Bluetooth function?

Please open the battery box,you will see: Automatic shutdown (ON) \ non-automatic shutdown (OFF) function switching, the default is OFF; and the Mono/Stereo switch are hided in the box unit.

Can ANR Aviation headsets reduce noise in all frequency bands?

Can only reduce low frequency.

1.When listening to music through 3.5mm audio jack of the ANR Aviaiton headsets, will the music be blocked during intercom communication?

1. Bluetooth Aviaion headsets music can be blocked during intercom communication, the ANR Aviation headset is anti-noise battery box, can not blocked music during intercom communicaiton. 

2. Music and voice are output from the speakers at the same time, the low frequency must be weakened when pass the ANR, there is no way to separate.

3. The Bluetooth Aviation headsets music will be noise cancelled when listening to music, but tthe music is interrupted when intercom is used.

Can ANR Aviation headsets and Bluetooth Aviation headsets be used as mono?

Yes,it can be used as mono.

What is the size of the ASP-03 dynamic microphone?

Length:29.5mm, thickness:12.5mm, width:26.5mm.