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Ultra light weight Behind-the-head tactical headset boom mic RHS-16

RHS-1653 is ultra light weight tactical boom microphone headset, it’s optimized for communications in intensive environments where personnel need to interaction while maintaining radio communications. Designed with large tactical remote PTT button, user would be able to use even when wearing gloves and other heavy gear.

This headset is featured with a streamlined design, with human-ear-feature-oriented angled speaker on the headband, strain relief on boom mic, durable cable coming down behind ear frame. The soft rubber boom behind-the-head headset provides easy and comfortable wearing experience for long day use. High Performance of audio speaker provides clear and loud audio transmission. It’s highly recommend for police, military, hunting, outdoor, hiking, biking, climbing, security, nightclubs, bars, etc.

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1. Comfortable and adjustable soft rubber behind-the-head band for long day wearing

2. Human-ear-feature-oriented angled speaker on the headband

3. Molded train relief design for boom mic for durable use

4. In-linelarge remotePTT button for heavy gear use matching

5. Advance speaker and high quality microphone ensure efficient communication

Speaker Specification




87dB+10%/1Watt 0.5Meter

Resonance freq:

(FO) 800HZ+20%

Frequency respond:


Rated input power:


Maximum input power:


Microphone Specification

Sensitivity Range:

-38±2dB RL=1.0K Q Vs=2.0V(DC) 1KHz

Impedance Max:

2.2K2 1kHz (RL=2.2KΩ)

Frequency :


Current Consumption Max:

VS=2.0V, RL=2.2KΩ

Operation Voltage Range:


Max Sound pressure Level:

68dB S.P.L

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