Public safety is enhanced by good communications. A significant part of the Standards work related to Public Safety is in the need for emergency telecommunications, which includes many scenarios ranging from a minor road traffic accident to a major incident like a passenger train crash, a terrorist incident or a natural disaster such as an earthquake or tsunami.

Law enforcement and public safety workers in many job roles can benefit from the convenience and reliability that anaudio accessory provides, including:

1. Uniformed police officers

2. SWAT / tactical teams

3. Plainclothes surveillance

4. Corrections officers

5. Detectives

6. Search and rescue teams

7. Paramedics and EMTs

8. Private security

9. Forensic investigators

10. Military police

RayTalk offers many dependable solutions to meet the arduous demands of public safety professionals from easy-to-use speaker microphones to covert surveillance products and adapters, our accessories are engineered to work when you need them. It's what's inside that counts!

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