At RayTalk Communications, its understood that even with the greatest products ever created, a company is only as successful as its combined team of dedicated people.

Management Team
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Mr. Jingping Lei (Kim)

President - Founder

Kim (Mr. JingPing Leil, the founder and managing director of RayTalk Communications, He has over 18 years of experience in the two way radio and aviation headset industry, He started "RayTalk" in 2009. In order to bring innovation and high quality products to an industry that is constantly evolving. Kim (Mr Lei) and Jimmy (Mr Guan) started RayTalk's brother company "NBT" by end of 2014 to do the manufacturing.

For the last 10 years, Kim has travelled extensive throughout the world to personally take care of his client' sneeds and to partner with them in the development of new products. He is very proud of all his team at RayTalk and he continues to actively encourage them to innovate and go the extra mile for our customers.

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Miss. Lisha Wong (Ailsa) Vice


Ailsa joined RayTalk in 2013, arriving shortly after finishing her Bachelor's degree, With over 8 vears sales and marketing experience in the radio industry, she has gained very high ratings from customers for her excellent service professional skills, and knowledge of two way radio business. Her main resonsibilities include managing the sales team, dealing with adyanced customer requirements, handling larger projects, etc.

Ailsa was appointed as Vice President in July of 2020. This is much deserved, a great accomplishment for 8 years of hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm.

This smiling girl loves her life, her job and the people around her. She likes to play hard and work hard!

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Mr. Mingxiong Guan (Jimmy)

General Manager & Production Manager

Jimmy (Mr. Mingxiong Guan) started RayTalk's brothe company NBT manufacturing with Kim (Mr. Lei) in 2014.Jimmy works hard and He is good at delegating task because whenever there is a problem in the factory he gets the right person on the job.

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Mr. Jun Chen (Jack) 

Vice PresidentChief Officer of Research &Development 

Jack has been engaged in the radio industry for over 111 vears. familiar with the develooment and design of radio accessories. His expertise is in the process of structural design, manufacturing, technical data control, and SOP control.He loves and is devoted to the 2 way communication field.

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Mr. Ziming Chen (Ben)

Technical director Products Manager

Ben is our Senior Engineer and has worked in the radio communication industry for over 12 years,mainly responsible for production management and researching new products.Ben also helps with customer requirements, as well as problem solving.

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Mr. Jun Wang

Factory Director

Mr. Jun Wang is factory director and responsible for production management and control. With 13 years experience in audio accessories manufacturing, Jun overseas lead time and the day to day running of production. He is diligent and try his best to ensure production procedures are in the right way.Jun is also a kind person. like a big brother to the team

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