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EM-4238 1-wire Surveillance Earpiece

EM-4238 1-wire Surveillance Earpiece with inline PTT microphone for Two Way Radios

This acoustic tube earpieces are in use by all professional sectors of radio communications. It is ideal for surveillance purposes and security at airports; casinos; crowd control at conventions and concerts; and other working environment requiring discreet communications.

This model feature a Quick Disconnect design to allow the acoustic tubes to be changed easily.This Surveillance Headset delivers crisp, clear sound even in noisy places and the PTT microphone can easily attach to your clothing with an accompanying clip.

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EM-4238 Portable Two Way Radio Earpiece Security covert surveillance Headphones with PTT

1.Two way radio accessory acoustic tube earpiece
2.Walkie talkike surveillance earpiece with microphone
3.Professional surveillance kits with medical grade acoustic tube,discreet and comfortable
4.Quick disconnect acoustic tube assembly for hygiene and multiple users
5.In-line PTT button & microphone
6.Polyurethane cable with Kevlar reinforced, coiled or straight optional

portable radio earpiece


Microphone Specification:

Sensitivity Range

-40± 3dB RL=1.0K Q Vs=2.0V(DC) 1KHz

Impedance Max

2.2K2 1kHz (RL=2.2KΩ)



Current Consumption Max

VS=2.0V RL=2.2KΩ MAX: 500 μA

Operation Voltage Range

2.5-10V (DC

Max Sound pressure Level

110dB S.P.L

Speaker Specification:




117dB+10%/1Watt 0.5Meter

Resonance freq

(FO) 680HZ+20%

Frequency respond


Rated input power


Maximum input power


2 way radio headphones

E-42 Quikc disconnect acoustic 

tube Earpiece with metal clip

PTT #38

Large PTT with 

microphone & metal clip

Beige color available(PT # 38B)

ham radio headphones

covert surveillance earpiece

Kevlar cables 

for extended life in the fiedl

portable radio earpiece

security walkie talkie earpiece

2 way radio headphones

covert surveillance earpiece

police radio earpiece with mic

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