RT-UC602 Replaceable Slot Type 6 Way Intelligent Charger for two way radios

RT-UC602 is a powerful two way radio Intelligent charger with 6 slots.

We have more than 30 types of slots and adapted to over different types of two way radio batteries including Motorola, Kenwood, Vertex, ICOM, Hytera and other brands, we can even customize the slots you need if your models are special.with this 6 Way Intelligent Charger, equal to many of chargers.

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Exquisite and beautiful appearance

*Plastic case, rainbow bottom.

Strong practicability

*Over 30 types of slot to choice, customize what you need.

Portable and firm

*Lay on the table, hang on the wall.

Intelligent Design

*The charger uses European Semiconductor (ST) chip according to the charging characteristics of batteries.

*The circuit design is advanced, reliable and accurate.

*It has good repair, protection and automatic full control function for batteries.

Operating principle

1.For long-term, over-discharge or voltage less than 6.5V of batteries, the charger will automatically measures first and charge with low current in yellow light.

2.When the current is above 6.5V, charge current increase to about 500mAh(current of each slot) and rapidly charge 7.9V in red light.

3.charge to 90% and about 7.9V,  green light flashing, turn to low current and charge.

4.chage to 100%, became green light and  charging process completed.

6 Way Intelligent Charger

Replaceable Slot radio charger

General Specifications
Model No RT-UC602
Type of slot Over 30 types of slot
Input voltage 110V-220V
Output voltage 12V
Output current 5V
Dimensions (CM) Charger:29(W)* 19(D)* 9 (H)
Adaptor:11.8(W)* 5.3(D)* 3(H)
Weight 2050g
inner packing 41*20.5*10.6CM special box
outer packing Put special box into 43*43*43CM carton, 8PCS each carton
Adaptive appliances and radio
Shot Battery Radio
(1)1300# PMNN4081ARC PMNN4404APT CP1300 CP1200 CP1660 EP350 CP185
(2)3688# NNTN4851AC NNTN4970 NNTN4497 GP3688 GP040 GP140 EP150 EP450 CP380 CP185
(3)4415# NNTN4066 NNTN4077 NNTN4103 NNTN4104 P6600 P6620 P8200 P8800 DP3400 DP3600

PMNN4415 PMNN4416 PM4418

PMNN4407 PMNN4406 PMNN4409

(5)838-2500# NTN7143 NTN7144 NNTN9858 NNTN7335 MTX838 MTX8000 XTS2500 XTS3000 XTS5000 GP900 GP1200 HT1000 HT2000 PR1500

HNN4001 HNN4003 HNN9008

 HNN9009 HNN9013A PMNN4045

GP320 GP340 GP328 GP338 PTX760 PTX960 GP360 GP380 EP5150
(7)3207# KNB-29N KNB-30A KNB-53 TK2207 TK3207 TK2207G TK3207G
(8)45L# KNB-45L TK2207 TK3207 TK2207G TK3207G
(9)KSC24# KNB-14 KNB-15 KNB-16 KNB-17 KNB21 KNB-43 TK2107 TK3107 TK272 TK372 TK260 TK360 TK385 TK280 TK380 TK480 TK290 TK390 TH-K2AT TH-K4AT
(10)KSC25# KNB-25 KNB-26 KNB-35L KNB-55L KNB-57L TK2160 TK3160 TK2140 TK3140 TK3148 TK3178
(11)KSC-32# KNB-47L KNB-48L KNB-33L   KNB-32  KNB31 TK3185 TK2180 TK3180 TK5210 NX200 NX300
(12)BJ300# BJ2000 BP231 BP232 BP232wp IC-F16 IC-F26 IC-F14 IC-F24 IC-F33 IC-F43 IC-F3230DT
(13)BJ137 BP209 BP210 BP211 IC-F21 ICF-3G IC-F218 IC-V8 IC-V82
(13)V80# BP264 BP265 IC-V80 V8E IC-F3210D IC-F3101D
(14)231-34# V95 V96 V104 V103 VX231 VX228 VX350 VX351 VX354
(15)134# V132LI V133LI V134LI V130LI VX230 VX231 EVX531 EVX534 EVX539
(16)PD720# BL2006 BL2503 BL1719 BL1718 TC720 TC720S PD780 PD780G PD700 PD700G
(17)PD700# BL1703 BL2102LI BH1801 TC700 TC780 TC780M TC710
(18)289G# 289G EBP-87 EBP-88 QH-289G KT-289G DJ-A11 DJ-A41
(19)168 V57 V83 V94 V67 VX800 VX168 VX428 VX420
(20)D68 D21 D68 PX68 D21 D68 PX68
(21)13L FNB V113Li VX450 VX459 VX451
(22)BP280 BP278 BP279 BP280 IC-F1000 IC-F2000 IC-V88
(23)KPT03 KPT03
(24)8800 TYT8800
(25)9900 TYT9900
(26)BF118c BF118C
(27)TH850 TH850
(28)MPT850-6*2 FTN6574B PMT850-6way 12charger
(29)MPT3150 NNTN8023 MTP3150 MTP3250
(30)TAIT9100 TAIT9100 TAIT9100

two way radio batteries charger

Sign of color light

Yellow light: Low voltage of battery,  charging low current.

Red light flashing:  Battery is damaged.

Red light: Normaly charging.

Green light flashing: Charging to 90%.

Green light: Charging process completed.


*Turn the radios off when charging the battery

*This equipment can charge NI-MH.Li-ion and Li-POLY battery

*Do not use charger as a radio stand, continuous charging will shorten battery life

*When using the Tri-chemistry charger,leave the battery in the charger for an additional 1-2hoursafter the steady green light appears

*Do not return fully charged battery to the charger for an extra bosst, this action will significantly reduce cycle life

*Make sure the cord is located where it will not be stepped on. Tripped over, or subject to water,damager or stress

*Our charger has overcharging protection function which will protect your battery.

We have more than 30 types of slots and adapted to over different types of two way radio batteries including Motorola, Kenwood, Vertex, ICOM, Hytera and other brands, we can even customize the slots you need if your models are special.

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