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PH-400AHC-BT aviation pilot bluetooth headset ANR active noise reduction headphone

PH-400AHC-BT Bluetooth Aviation Headset, an unmatched combination of active noise cancellation, comfort and clear communication, is designed to let you focus on what matters—flying.

Carbon Fiber shell weighing just 260g, it’s one of the lightest and most comfortable aviation headsets you’ll find.

High quality ear pad and head pad, super soft, comfortable fit. Ear pad not only shields the noise, but also protects the head from being squeezed. The headset headband can be freely adjust, suit for any head size, provide you with allday comfort.

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bluetooth pilot aviation headset

PH-400AHC-BT aviation pilot bluetooth headset ANR active noise reduction headphone

Helicopter U174/U plug.

Aviation Pilots Headset with Bluetooth, Carbon Fiber Design, Ultra Lightweight!

Weighs only 9oz helps enhance comfort over long periods of use.

Active Noise Reduction rated at 29 dB, and the passive noise reduction at 23 db, total 52 db.

make you enjoy a peaceful flight.

Bluetooth Technology, allows you to make phone calls, connect with your navigation devices.

Premium Speakers and Electric Microphone for Clear Audio and sound.

bluetooth aviation headset

Microphone Specification:

Sensitivity Range

-52± 3dB RL=1.0K Q Vs=2.0V(DC) 1KHz

Impedance Max

2.2K2 1kHz (RL=2.2KΩ)



Current Consumption Max

VS=2.0V RL=2.2KΩ MAX: 500 μA

Operation Voltage Range

2.5-10V (DC

Max Sound pressure Level

110dB S.P.L

Speaker Specification:




95dB+10%/1Watt 0.5Meter

Resonance freq

(FO) 680HZ+20%

Frequency respond


Rated input power


Maximum input power


headset aviation pilot
Over-the-Head Adjustable Band

270 Degree Rotatable 

Flexible Boom Microphone

aviation headset anr

bluetooth pilot aviation headset

Carbon Fiber Ear Shell

Blue-tooth Control Module pilot headset aviation bluetooth

aviation headset headphone
Helicopter U174/U Plug

Comfortable Faux Leather Cushion aviation active noise reduction headset

headset aviation pilot

aviation headset anr

bluetooth pilot aviation headset

pilot headset aviation bluetooth

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