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"Quality is excellent relative to price,the products we purchase are what is required  by our clients ,Packing and packages are 

good, but bulk supplies we can ere package here,and we offer your soft headset bag free with each purchase, 

it is low cost and well accepted.  In a simple word: 'BRILLIANT'."

                                                                                                              From John  (Aviation Headset)


"The headsets I have sold have been very well received, with absolutely NO comlpaints. It's great to have all satified customers."

                                                                                                              From Scott (Aviation Headset)


"Item delivered to New Zealand within 5 days. I am an Air Force pilot requiring my own headset for recreational flying. At work I use a David Clark ANR headset. I compared the RAN-1000AC to my David Clarks. Construction, although not identical, is very similar, made from similar materials. The RAN-1000AC is of similar weight and durability, no part seemed inferior. When plugged in and turned on the ANR is of similar quality, ICS and radio sidetone was the same. Although I cannot speak of physical quality of the electronics, or longevity of the headset, I cannot determine any difference in quality between the two. At this stage I highly recommend this headset, and also Ray Talk, who have been great."

                                                                                                              From Aaron (Aviation Headset)


"An absolutely fantastic product!Delivered within time and price was reasonable. Ailsa was a treat to work with.Always very politeand professional providing a great service!"

                                                                                                              From Amarjit (Aviation Headset)


"Ailsa,I think you are a very good person to deal with, you take an interest in people and remember things. I enjoy dealing with you and you always reply quickly to questions, I wish all my suppliers were the same as you! "

                                                                                                     From Richard (Two way radio accessories)


"We are very happy with RayTalk. The product quality is better and your pricing is comparable to the suppliers that we used previously.  Usually we receive shipments from you 2-3 weeks earlier than our previous suppliers, which is very helpful.  I also love that you are able mark the products with our part number – this makes it much easier for our warehouse to receive and sort the product."

                                                                                                      From Danny (Two way radio accessories)


"This was a very positive transaction. The supplier is very well informed on their products and was able to assist on all aspects of 

the transaction.They are very specific in the product specifications and what is discussed is what is delivered.

There is excellent communication and the Coco is very thorough in response. Everything I had asked was answered in a 

timelyfashion.On top of good communication and a quality product. The delivery of the product came within 2 weeks 

which means they processed my order immediately. Very much appreciated.

Am now doing ongoing business with Shenzhen Raytalk Technology Co."

                                                                                                      From Brandon  (Two way radio accessories)


"The price is favorable (equal quality) :) Excellent and quick on service."

                                                                                                      From Jan  (Two way radio accessories)


"Products are good. Price are ok. I will expect better discount if we order more. Service attitude are good."

                                                                                                       From Nazim (Two way radio accessories)

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